CCT Engineering Services

When a company contracts for engineering help, needs often go beyond the design of a given circuit or circuit board. While we pride ourselves on electronic design, we also have the experience to go far beyond the design phase. When beginning work on a project, our first question is, “What exactly do you need from us to be successful?”

We can help you from an initial concept all the way through mass production, and with the many details in between. Can you provide a detailed statement of work, or do you need us to provide one? Who is managing the project? Do you need help with vendor selection and management? By helping you arrive at good answers to these questions, we can help you succeed.

Our Engineering Expertise Includes

  • Electronic design
  • Industry Knowledge
  • FPGA Design and Verification
  • System architecture
  • Program management
  • Program documentation
  • Requirements documents
  • Detailed statements of work
  • Schedules, budgets, and integration plans
  • Vendor selection and auditing
  • Contract manufacturing liaison including overseas CMs
  • RHoS/WEEE-compliant manufacturing
  • ICT specification
  • Process tooling specification
  • MatLab and Simulink


Coal Creek Technologies is a registered Altium service bureau.

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